External Recruitment

Our External Recruitment Department is committed to providing suitable, safe and empowering job opportunities for Ugandans abroad.

We are licensed by the Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development and are also members of the Uganda Association of External Recruitment Agencies (UAERA).

The External Recruitment section is further sub-divided into two sub-section Domestic & Non Domestic Jobs to provide a wide range of job selection for Ugandans interested in working abroad (DUBAI, QATAR, SAUDI ARABIA & ABU DHABI).

For our latest vacancies abroad, please see our vacancies section.

High Unemployment Rate


Uganda has one of the youngest populations on the planet, with 77% of the population being under 30 years of age. There are around 7,500,000 youth from the ages of 15-24 living in Uganda. The unemployment rate for this youth category is staggeringly above 80%.


There are various issues around this topic of high youth unemployment. There is a big disconnect between jobs available and the skills available on the market. Many youth are not educated past high school. The informal work sector accounts for the majority of young workers in Uganda. And, there are not enough full time jobs available.

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Therefore, migrating for work abroad has a very positive impact for Uganda.

Ugandans who move abroad for work help have an impact on Uganda in the following way:

  • Financial Benefits – the remittance that migrant workers abroad send home have a positive impact economically on the home country.
  • Socio Economic Benefits – upon finishing their contracts, migrant workers who return home not only bring financial benefits to help their families through education, setting up businesses, buying land/property etc, but they also bring with them new work and cultural experiences which will help them to further thrive in their lives both personally and professionally.
  • Unemployment – the more unemployed people who go abroad for work, the more unemployment rates will reduce as a result.
  1. CV
  2. Ugandan Passport
  3. Academic Documents
  4. National Identity Card for candidates with no passport
  5. Registration and Medical Fee, Domestic 150,000 UGX and Non Domestic 350,000 UGX
  6. 10 Passport photos
  7. 1 Full Photo
  8. Age: 21 – 38 Years (Domestic Workers), 21 – 45 Years (Non-Domestic Workers)
Benefits Received


The benefits received by the candidate taking up the available opportunities are as seen below:

  1. Salary deposited in your bank account every month.
  2. Air ticket after completion of two(2) years contract.
  3. Overtime allowance.
  4. Free accommodation.
  5. Free Meals.
  6. Transport to work.
  7. Free Wi-Fi.
  8. Uniform
  9. Free Medical Care.
  10. A two(2) years valid contract renewable if a candidate wish to continue
Non Domestic Jobs Include:
  1. Aviation Loaders
  2. Factory Assistants
  3. Aircraft Cleaners
  4. Cargo Handlers
  5. Warehouse Workers
  6. Technicians
  7. Hotel Assistants
  8. Carpenters
  9. Painters
  10. General Cleaners
  11. Security Guards

Other Non Domestic jobs include:

  1. Construction Assistants
  2. Plumbers
  3. Manson Workers
Domestic Jobs Include:
  1. House Maids (SAUDI)

The available opportunity for domestic workers is as seen above but the list continues to grow as demand arises from our clients.

Expected Salary

Average salary range is between 1,000,000 UGX and 3.5 m UGX (This includes over time allowances and commission).

NOTE: For non-domestic jobs, the input to be paid to Premier Recruitment will be 3 million UGX and above depending on the type of job you choose.

Welfare Team



The main objective of our welfare team is to make sure all the candidates feel safe and get adjusted in the new environment. Our team continuously follows up with the candidates through different modes of communication and confirms the candidates are happy and settled comfortably. The candidates can also communicate with our team in case of any discomfort.

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